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Virgin Active is a chain of health clubs in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Italy, Australia, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

Rachel shares her unpleasant experience on, "Virgin Active is a nice club but the pool temperature is very unstable recently, for about the last month it’s been either too cold or too hot. It was absolutely freezing today and was unpleasant to swim in. There doesn’t seem to be anything been done to resolve the situation."


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Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"no support from managers and hard to gain clients. It's very easy for them to put you under investigation even though yoy have done nothing wrong. The wages are not good unless you have loads of clients which is hard to get"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Worst company to work for, there's no job security at all. Threats from management on daily basis, you are never free to work and has to always look over your shoulder. Management is threatened by educated people that are juniors."

Membership consultant (Former Employee) says

"Va is a campany that has no time for their employees, and it's just old schooled cultured with alot of fat employees from head office down to the club level. It's a company that I will not set foot again in the employment market."

Membercare Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The job started off well, with encouraging management and a real collaborative atmosphere. There seems to have been a shift in upper management, however, and they now seem solely motivated by money. Costs have been cut by any means necessary, and job roles have been slashed. It's a bit like a gulag at the moment, with no sign of it getting any better."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Dopo anni di collaborazione come Personal Trainer e di fee di affiliazione versate regolarmente e puntualmente ogni mese mi è stato recesso il contratto con "preavviso" di 2 mesi senza alcuna motivazione scritta sulla lettera raccomandata. Purtroppo la legge italiana riguardo i contratti in franchising lo consente per cui mi sono ritrovato senza lavoro praticamente dall'oggi al domani. Questo è il trattamento che può riservare Virgin Active a chi decide investire soldi e tempo sul loro modello di business. Medesimo trattamento infatti è stato riservato ad alcuni colleghi e dipendenti "senior" a tutti i livelli: quando ritengono di averti "spremuto" abbastanza ti buttano come un sacchetto dell'immondizia senza nemmeno degnarsi di dare spiegazioni. Sconsiglio vivamente a tutti i personal trainer di affiliarsi a questa azienda: le quote di affiliazioni hanno costi esorbitanti e le tutele sono praticamente assenti."

front desk receptionist (Current Employee) says

"This job is wonderful but also extremely stressful and tiring. We work six days a week and hardly get off on a public holiday. Our job mostly entails handling queries and giving members access to the club ."

sales consultants (Former Employee) says

"No growth, empty promises, stressfully environment,long hours working on weekends and holidays lot of swearing from management , bias managers , change of rules now and again."

Gym assistant (Former Employee) says

"Assunto come gym assistant a 350€ al mese. 5 ore al giorno tra cui aperture alle 6 di mattina e chiusure alle 23. Si lavora il sabato e la domenica senza alcun bonus. Non è possibile fare pause e bisogna stare in piedi 5 ore filate. Da gym assistant non puoi fare altro che raccogliere pesi e fare al massimo da spotter a qualche cliente. Se provi ad insegnare a una persona qualche esercizio vieni richiamato Si cammina dai 14 ai 17 km e se ti vedono che non stai camminando ti richiamano. 3€ allora neanche nei campi di patate"

PERSONAL TRAINER (Former Employee) says

"ambiente stressante e competitivo stipendi ridicoli."

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Stressful. Managers are all INCOMPETENT. Period. I have nothing more to say. Tygervalley club is NO flagship at all! Durbanville where i was a PT for 5 years shoud be the flagship club!NoneLiars all around the club."

Club General Manager (Current Employee) says

"The constant staff cuts, pushing for money and threats are making staff leave rapidly. The company values and ideals are only applied when suits the company. Treat others the way you would want to be treated is only a poster on the wall that's it!The membersToo many to list"

Junior Activities Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Absolutely awful place to work. I wouldn’t recommended it to anyone, terrible junior activities manager and rude colleges. The manager has no idea what she’s doing or how to run a team, I’ve got no clue how she’s still working there.Free gym membershipLong hours, poor pay, poor management, bad colleges"

Ex dipendente (Former Employee) says

"Ambiente viziato e artefatto,nessuna considerazione per chi lavora solo numeri e le persone vengono gestite in modo superficiale. Non importa quanto sei professionale oppure capace di raggiungere target l, quando arriva il momento non si guarda in faccia a nulla e ti sbattono fuori come sacco d'immondizia.Organizzazione lavorativa autonomaPoca professionalitá, bassa qualitá dei dipendenti, poca preparazione e poca voglia di confronto."

Fitness Instructor (Current Employee) says

"I got into the company because I studied sport and exercise science. but when i got there, it felt like I was in sales department because that’s what is important at the company.No prosLong straining hours"

Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Good place for a new pt to gain experience in the fitness industry. Salary and company growth is very poor. Very competitive place to work in ....... .Its a jobUnderpaid"

Personal Trainer (Former Employee) says

"They expect people to live on fresh air while trying to gain new clients. You can be there for 10 hours and not earn a penny. You only get paid 12 for each session you do while they charge 65....Not everyone can afford a personal triainer and so you work for nothing."

Lifeguard (Current Employee) says

"Worst job ever had. Treat staff like garbage. Always new staff due to everyone hating it. Everyone talks behind each-overs back. Best to not have a job than to work for company.Free MemershipExpect you to work as if your of £30 an hour when your on min wage."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, extremely poor. Quite depressing. The branch I worked at lost all its employees in a very short period of time. Worst management I have ever experiencednonetoo many to mention"

Member care assistant (Former Employee) says

"Terrible management structure. Full of promises. You can give everything but theres no respect or loyalty. I have never seen such a high turn around of staff. Ok if there's nothing else about. Is anyone really happy there?its a jobbad treatment of staff"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"No work life balance, an unprofessional enviroment and not what's its made out to be. Get paid the same working anywhere else that is a fair and enjoyable place to be. Don't waste your time.long hours and unpaid lunch and no flexibility"

MM says

"Dear Team at Virgin Active Chiswick Park, Your toilets on the main floor where the gym is are unacceptably dirty. As you can see from the photo attached it looks like they have not been clean in some time. I alerted one of your manager yesterday about this who said he would get it cleaned ASAP unfortunately one hour later they were still in the same condition and I had to point this out a second time to a member of staff before it was cleaned so I take it you do not take hygien seriously as your manager did nothing about it. Do you think this is acceptable for a gym not to clean their toilets? The toilets should always be cleaned but even more so especially during such a crucial time where we still a the very dangerous corona virus around. This does not give me any confidence that you are cleaning the gym as you should. In fact I seldom see any cleaners around the changing rooms and showers. I look forward to hearing from you Best, M"

JB says

"100% terrible. Impressive grounds but management of their supposed flagship club is horrible - RB if this ever gets back to you try calling a customer service line and see how long you wait for. Its worse than British Airways and that's not a category you want to be in. When you get through, the accounts person you want to speak with is busy (every one of the 5 times you call) and this is after 4 emails over 6wks to address the issue in question - no response to any of them. Appalling"

Tatsiana says

"Such a shame - Customer service support is ridiculous. They've removed some of the facilities, closed all gyms in the vicinity and reduced opening hours which means i cant use gym at all !!!! Yet they still want to charge me for 14/15 months when i only signed up for 12?? you can't even talk to them (call/email) without them differing to someone else or sending you a generic response."

Jonathan Anderson says

"None of my correspondence has been answered properly if at all. Customer service is non-existent. Go with a better, cheaper gym."

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